Venus- 7,520
Earth- 7,926
Moon- 2,160
Mars- 4,220
Total-24,880 miles

Sum of the first four planets (and three moons) equals a very, very close Earth equatorial circumference.


24,880 – 21,120=3,760 (VENUS equatorial radius)
248X80 = 19,840, so, 24,880 – 19,840 = 5,040 (Earth/Moon combined radius)
21X120=2,520 (1/2 of the combined Earth & Moon radius)
211X20=4220 (Mars diameter)

Another method to get to 24,880:
7,919.55282 x PI = 24,880
Why did we start with 7,919.55582?
(3,025 is the sum of the first 10 cubes, which seems like the PERFECT place to start when designing planets)
3,025 X PHI X PHI = 7,919.55582 X PI = 24,880 ………
The first ten cubes (3,025) X PHI X PHI X PI equals both:
(1) Summed diameters of the first 4 planets AND the 3 moons and then,
(2) the Earth equatorial circumference

So obviously, the Earth’s equatorial circumference calculates the VENUS radius, MARS diameter (both in miles)
the full Earth/Moon combined radius AND half of the Earth/Moon combined radius.

The odds of these connections being merely a coincidence are, pardon the pun, astronomical.
This is DIVINE CREATION! It all starts with the sum of the 10 digits on the left and right hands. (-55-)
15 (left hand) and 40 (right hand) total-55
In case you are wondering, 55 is the square of the first ten cubes. 3,025



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