Our Earth. 7,920 miles in diameter
Sum of the first 10 cubes X Phi Square
3,025 X 1.618033989 X 1.618033989 = 7,919.52816…

Earth’s diameter  can also be determined by the last two single digit numbers, multiplied by the first two double-digit numbers.
8 X 9 X 10 X 11 = 7,920
Square root of 7,920 being 88.99…
88 X 99 = 8,712 (Which is 110% of 7,920)
Back to 88.99:
Multiply the two whole numbers (8s) left of the decimal times the two numbers (9s) right of the decimal.
Like this: 8 X 8 X 0.9 X 0.9 = 51.84.
51.84 being the same degree of inclination of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The Great Pyramid being a calculator of among many wonderful ratios, but in this case, the Earth appearing to be a determiner of how to square the circle by calculating 51.84 with a simplistic method.
51.84 being 51 Degrees and 50.40 Minutes
(A decimal equivalent of 5,040 from combining the Earth and Moon radii)
Converting 51.84 even further:
51 degrees     50 minutes     24 seconds

Interestingly,  10! being 3,628,800 divided by 51.84 = 70,000
Hopefully, this is not a cycle of volcanic activity that almost wiped out the human race almost 70,000 year ago. Read more about that Here

51.84 X 480 feet = 24,883.2 (height of G.P. with pyramidion) = 24,883.2 that being the equatorial circumference of a sphere with a diameter of 7,920.5 miles.
Earth diameter in miles.

51.84 X 455.5 feet (height of G.P. without pyramidion) = 23,613.12, equatorial circumference for a sphere with a diameter of 7,516.
In other words, strongly suggests the Earth’s sister planet VENUS.

More to come.


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