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Salvator Leonardo Encoded Message

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Take some time to understand the most basic approach to the design of the human hands and their simplistic yet indelible connection to the ratio of the Earth and Moon, and how this ratio applies to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Fifty-five, in my opinion is a numerical key that very precisely dovetails into the known dimensions of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Great Pyramid, Continent & Oceanic surface areas and other mysteries.

My “55” hypothesis is simple.

The key to size of our planet and our moon has been clearly visible with the five digits of our left hand: 1,2,3,4 & 5 for a sum total of 15, and the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th digits represented on our right hand, a sum total of 40. Combine 15 and 40 for a sum total of 55.

There is a simple reasoning for totaling each hand separately. To explain, we first have to establish our planet Earth to “55”, the sum of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+ 10.
15 of 55 is 27.2727%
27.27% is the percentage of the Earths surface covered by land.
Therefor, 40 of 55 is 72.7272%.
72.72% is the percentage of the Earths surface covered by water.

Now that the Earth is established as “55”, the Moon is “15” because:
55 : 15  is the same ratio as 7,920 : 2,160.
Earth:Moon = 3.6666 : 1,
or, both hands (55) : (15) left hand.
Both hands Earth: One hand (left hand) Moon. 55 : 15.

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Look at your hands,
observe the key,
and open the door…
2-Hands 55

55 is the Earth = Both Hands
40 is the Oceans = Right Hand
15 is the Land Mass = Left Hand
15 is also the Moon = Left Hand

70 is the Earth & Moon
When the Earth is 55, the Sun becomes 6,000
(Sun to Earth diameter ratio is 109.090909 : 1)
55 X 109.090909 = 6,000
6,000 X 144 = 864,000
55 X 144 = 7,920

One Hand 27.5 = Lunar Orbit 27.5 days
55 Days = 79,200 Minutes
5.5 Egyptian Seked for the Great Pyramid
Minutes in One Day times GP Seked
1,440 X 5.5 = 7,920 (Earth diameter in miles)


Learn how the vertical stacking of one through ten, one through nine, one through eight,……down to one through two and lastly one, clearly displays and represents the widely accepted 220 cubit half-of-the-base dimension of the Great Pyramid.

See how PI has encoded within the first one-million digits (right of the decimal) the radius and diameter of the Moon. Much more than coincidences.

You can also see how the number 55 has a relationship to Mercury, Venus, the Earth and also Mars, in the 55 Ratio tab.

Experience and absorb.

55 is also the square root of the first 10 cubes .
1 + 8 +27 + 64 + 125 + 216 + 343 + 512 + 729 + 1,000 = 3,025
One more reveal: the sum of the first 5 squares, is also 55
1 + 4 + 9 + 16 + 25 = 55

More on this in the “The55Ratio” tab.

Learn about the perfect design of the human hand and the perfection of the encoded ratio.

Left hand, five digits, Right hand, five digits.

Interesting that a scripture mentions how He (God) measured the waters in the hollow of his hand (singular). His right hand would be the hand that matches 72.7272% as mentioned above, being the percentage of the Earths surface area covered by the oceans.


The moon, after all, in most paintings from 1400s through 1600s, with a depiction of the Creator holding a sphere that looks like the Moon, has the sphere in or near the left hand. (15)

15 is the Moon and 55 is the Earth.

Left hand Moon and both hands Earth.

55 to 70 is also 1/4th of the Great Pyramid ratio of 220:280

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Salvator Leonardo Encoded Message

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