Circle & Sphere

Why 360 Degrees?

There are many theories out there on this question, and I urge you to explore them so you can make your own educated decision. As for me, I believe in sticking to the basics of the numbers.

10 digits on our two hands, as in my 55 theory. (adding together 1 through 10)
Reveal the Land and Ocean surface ratio, and the ratio of the Moon to the Earth.

Let multiply the one through ten together and see what they calculate to:
1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 X 6 X 7 X 8 X 9 X 10 = 3,628,800.

Now take the mean sum of the Earth and Moon combined diameters, being:
7,920 + 2,160 = 10,080 imperial miles.
Divide 10,080 into 3,628,800 and you get:
3,628,800 / 10,080 = 360  (Degrees in a circle)
(Click here to see how 10,080, 1,080, 2,160 and 7,920 is clearly revealed in PI)

PI also reveals many basic truths of the circle through multiplying, in order, the digits right of the decimal of PI together.

The first five digits reveal 180, or half a circle in degrees.
The first six digits reveal 360, the full circle.
The first seven reveal the amount of degrees in six circles, 2,160, which also happens to be the amount of equal sized circles that fit point to point around a matching, center circle. A truly amazing measurement in imperial miles for our Moon.
The first eight reveal the amount of arc-minutes in a semicircle. 10,800
The first eleven digits multiplied times each other, reveal the number of arc-seconds in the circumference of a circle.  1,296,000
Nary a coincidence.

PI Answers 360 Moon etc..

Sphere Logic:
For any sphere with a diameter of “6” , the surface area will exactly match the cubic volume of the same unit of measurement. (inch, centimeter, yard, meter, mile…..
THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH A DIAMETER OF “6”. When the diameter is “6” units, the surface area and volume will ALWAYS BE: 113.0973355... or, 36π
Remember it, as it will simplify many calculations for volume and surface area, and also is the key to the great pyramid.
36(PI) reveals how 220 cubits exactly equals the equatorial circumference of the Earth in imperial miles.  24,881.4138…..and for the height of the great pyramid of 280 cubits, the combined circumferences of both the Earth (220) and the Moon (60).
The Great Pyramid was and still is our precise calculator for Earth, Venus, Mercury, Moon, PHI, PI, the extra quarter of a day in each year (365.24245) and many other sizes, distances, periods or time, etc.

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